Music Festival tours

LMC Event has a professional team to provide customers with a full range of private Electronic-Music-themed tours. Adhering to the principle of “experience best, service first”, LMC-Event carefully selects the most comfortable accommodation, the safest transportation, the most distinctive music festival, the most localized tourist route for each customer, to experience the unique music culture locally. During the journey, we will also arrange professional butlers to provide our professional services during the music travel.

LMC Event拥有专业的团队,为客户提供全套私人电子音乐主题旅游。秉持着“体验最优,服务至上“的原则,LMC-Event为每一个客户精心挑选最舒适的住宿,最安全的交通方式,最特色的音乐节,最本地化的旅游路线,全方面体验当地独特的音乐文化。在旅程中,我们还会安排专业的音乐旅行管家,提供我们专业的服务。