VIP TABLE Services

LMC Event provides VIP table booking, bodyguard arrangements and transportation arrangements for high-end VIP customers.

Regarding service of deck, we had provided professional deck service advice and sales cooperation for many electronic music festivals. In 2019, the LMC Event together with the Dutch local large-scale electronic music festival Free Your Mind and AMF successfully carried out the cooperation of  VIP table sales and VIP table services.

LMC Event为高端VIP客户提供电音节卡座预订、保镖安排和交通安排等服务。

关于电音节卡座,在过去我们为多个电音节提供专业卡座服务意见咨询和销售合作。在2019年,LMC event与荷兰本土大型电音节Free Your Mind和AMF成功地在进行了卡座销售和卡座服务的合作。